Discover Japan by Rail

Covering all four main islands, from the wild and rugged north of Hokkaido down to the far south of Kyushu, Japan’s rail system offers a fast, efficient and comfortable way to see the country.

Japan Rail offers a number of passes and tickets to foreign visitors for using Japan’s rail system at a considerably discounted costcompared to what the locals pay.

7-day Japan Rail Pass

The 7-day Japan Rail Pass is the most commonly purchased rail pass by visitors to Japan. The pass allows unlimited travel on JR trains (including most Shinkansen/bullet trains) for 7 consecutive days and can be purchased for ¥29,110.

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Discounted tickets from Tokyo to Osaka/Kyoto

While the JR Pass is great value, you should consider other options if you intend to spend all your time in one major city or if you’re just travelling between Tokyo to Kyoto. Another popular ticket is the Special Discount Shinkansen Tokyo to Kyoto return ticket + Kyoto sightseeing pass for ¥21,600.

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Help with Choosing the Right Pass for your Trip

If you’re planning to travel far and wide, the Japan Rail Pass is amazing value. However, if you’re just planning to stay put or you only have limited travel plans once you get to Japan, then a pass might not be for you. Take a look at our FAQ to find out more.

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